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Darien Spider, raised in Raising Star Texas on a cattle ranch, spent 15+ years as a LARPer before making his debut in Cosplay at San-Japan 7. Specializing in cold forged metal armor and outlandish but sturdy props, including a functioning chariot, his builds and build have put him head and shoulders above the competition on the cosplay stage. From Novice to Master in his first cosplay show, now even stage fright can't slow this spacenoid down!

QueenofSpace, a cosplayer since birth, well at least since pre-pubescence, made her cosplay debut at Baka-con (now Sakura-con) 1998. Her passion for costume making has led her to a career as a garment production seamstress, and she has recently made a trip to Malaysia to combat urban poverty by teaching under privileged women how to sew for production.

Together, they lead Colony Drop Cosplay, a name you've probably heard of a lot if you've attended any cosplay competitions in the last few years, to date they have taken four Best in Show titles, and even made it to the World Cosplay Summit National competition in 2015. With the help of DaPirateQueen (Hair and Makeup), ZappaSlave (Stage Ninja Extraordinaire), and TheSockNinja (Financial Backer, and Moral Support), Colony Drop Cosplay is a team that really lives up to it's name.

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