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Greetings! First off, thank you for the support and interest! For the uninitiated, I'm a writer who focuses on video games, anime, and other nerdy fandoms while discussing topics like mental illness, self-confidence, trauma while combining them with my love for anime, video games, and other nerdy stuff.

I got my start writing for The Game Bolt and went on to become a cosplayer and panelist in the American midwest. Since then I've been reaching out to as many people as I can with my work while trying to help people with mental illnesses who suffered traumatic experiences much like myself.

I write and produce a podcast regularly for The Game Bolt to discuss video game news, reviews, and speculation pieces.

I stream on Twitch for your entertainment! You can also find my Tumblr where I take a more personal approach to my writing. I have a little something for everyone.

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