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Leah Stevo

Santa Fe, NM

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Leah Stevo is a cosplay artist located in Santa Fe, New Mexico who specializes in "insanely huge, detailed armor that's visible from space." Originally from California, she took home "Best in Show - Video Games" at Dragon Con 2017 and was personally invited to BlizzCon that same year for her Malthael Reaper cosplay. Her work has been featured on international media sites, including IGN, Funko, and Kotaku. More recently, she was featured on Anime Expo's Twitch for her "Star Guardian Urgot" cosplay, which became the most-viewed clip of all time on the channel. A Santa Fe University of Art and Design alumnus with a degree in graphic design, she regularly helps with a garage cosplay workshop in White Rock, NM and works in a chocolate factory.

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