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Tomoko Saito (alias Asuka Rei) is a Japanese artist and heavy metal fan. She has drawn SF stories for several magazines in Japan, plus humor strips for various publications. Her illo work has included tip books for Nintendo games, covers and interiors for translated SF books (Marion Zimmer Bradley novels, for example), plus countless spot illos for mags like the Japanese-language Playboy. She also did the cover for Outlanders #17 and contributes to semipro metal mags as well, where her work is highly regarded. Her likes include Faith No More, La Cumbre burritos, Calvin and Hobbes, and especially Sam and Max, Freelance Police. Tomoko is probably best known for her fab zipatone work on Adam Warren's Dirty Pair series, and for the miniskirt she wore to San Diego ComiCon (they were stacking heart-attack victims like cordwood next to her table!) She is married to Toren "Lucky Dog" Smith. Her favorite rock group is Queensryche.

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