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Chicago, IL

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Karl Terrell Thomas Jr. (born July 26th, 1995), professionally known as Chaos Network, Otaku Rapper of Chicago is an American rapper, songwriter, record executive, executive producer, and entrepreneur from the Uptown area of the North Side of Chicago, Illinois. He began recording in late 2013 after meeting and being encouraged by rapper Gxrcia, after showing Gxrcia a parody Otaku Rap song he wrote to Rick Ross's "9 Piece." He uploaded the song to Soundcloud in September of 2014 and started building his fanbase. He is best known for his song "Crossing the Fields," a song which sampled the iconic Anime theme song "Crossing Field," sung by famous Anime song singer LiSA, and used as the 1st opening theme song of the hit Anime TV series "Sword Art Online." He released the now deleted music video on YouTube on February 15th, 2015. The video has acquired over 10k views on YouTube and 14k views on Facebook via "Anime" Facebook Page.

Chaos Network makes "Anime and Otaku Rap music," rap music about and/or inspired by Anime and the culture behind Anime known as "Otaku," people who turn their passions into their lifestyles. His songs are categorized as the umbrella genre "Otaku Rap," with its major sub genre being "Anime Rap." Each sub genre has its own distinct sound and lyrical content, making for a wide variety of creative music.

Chaos Network has appeared as an official guest at Christopher Newport University's Anime convention, "Kigacon," in Newport News, Virginia and a guest performer at Anime convention "Anime Magic!" In Schaumburg, Illinois. He has been a panelist on numerous occasions at Anime Conventions including Anime Central, Anime Midwest, Con Alt Del, Uchi-con in Chicago, Illinois, and has performed at events for colleges and universities such as DeVry University, SAE Institute, Columbia College, and DePaul University, also in Chicago.

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