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Patrick Strange

Writer / Designer / Publisher / Producer
Temple Studios & Far East Productions
Woodbridge, VA

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Patrick Strange (born on November 9, 1977) has successfully designed, developed and produced comics and visual art for educational and commercial purposes. Mr. Strange's last project recognized by the Rockefeller Foundation in which he wrote, lettered and co-published with the Time Dollar Institute was made available worldwide thru the Time Dollar Institute and Youth Courts and was featured in the Washington DC area schools as well through the Department of Health. Mr. Strange has exhibited at several comic/pop culture conventions and has given speeches at local area shows, schools and businesses.

Displaying an array of talents, Mr. Strange earned the nickname "The Golden Child" as by day, he is an ex-military (US Navy) government contractor working in IT computer security (stopping hackers worldwide!) for the US Department of State. By night and weekends, he has completed work in independent and feature film (Immortal Fists, Ace Ventura II: When Nature Calls, Scarlet, Die Hard 3: Die Harder, etc.), commercials (US State Dept, Howard University Hospital, local affiliate TV, Ikoya, etc.) and in music videos (Roy Jones Jr. - "U Damn Right").

Mr. Strange's is a published writer/letterer/designer in both mainstream and independent comics & poetry having self-published and provided work for various companies (including Howard University Hospital, The Time Dollar Institute, Dental Kids, Sky Dog Press, US Navy, US Department of State, etc.); he has written and produce hip hop and has worked in graphic design for various companies, etc.

Mr. Strange is the founder & CEO of Temple Far East Entertainment compromised of his art/photography studio, Temple Studios, and film company, Far East Productions. He is the founder of the AMERICON comics convention in Washington DC, former Director of Guests/Art Show/Artists Alley for the Anime USA convention in Washington DC and has provided guest relations help with bi-monthy Tysons Corner Comics Show for Capicons.

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