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Jacki Jing is a reality TV star, seen on Netflix's The Circle, and has been an esports desk and stage host for years! She was one of the main hosts for E3 in 2021, which was streamed across the globe to 2 million viewers, and most recently worked major events for Valorant and Rainbow Six Siege. She has also done numerous video projects with IGN, Nerdist, Funimation, Crunchyroll, Amazon and Anime News Network.

The Emmy-nominated TV journalist has also hosted several live red carpets and conducted dozens of celebrity interviews for AAA feature films. The former TV news reporter also covered a wide range of stories, reporting live for ABC News on Robert Durst's legal battle in New Orleans. She was also interviewed by ESPN about the Saints ownership. She reported live for FOX News about the mass shooting at Binghamton's American Civic Association. She also won an AP Award for her coverage of the Basketball Hall of Fame Ceremony in 2010. In 2014, she was nominated for a Suncoast Regional Emmy for her piece on the tragic death of Takita Mathieu.

During her free time, Jacki likes to stream video games, work out, play volleyball, read and write, make music with her synthesizer and watch anime & action flicks. Frequently asked about her height, Jacki stands at 6'2" and has a 6'4" wingspan.

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