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April 9, 2010

News for Shinboku Con 2010:

Niji to perform at Shinboku-con 2010

Shinboku-con is proud to announce that the dance group Niji will be performing at Shinboku-con 2010.

Niji is an dance group that specializes in anime, Vocaloid, and other popular Japanese dances. The name, meaning "rainbow" in Japanese comes from the fact that each member wears a Lolita outfit of a different color.

Sophia hails from Britain, wears red, and is the most studious. Tsuzuki, the orange member, is the little girl of the group and the younger sister of Tatsumi. The yellow and sometimes airheaded dancer is Aria. Next is her rival Azumi, who is the thoughtful, artistic member that wears green. Blue is the color that the young yet elegant Tatsumi, the only male of the group, wears. Aristocratic and responsible, Violet wears the color of her namesake. Her best friend Suki, the black clothed dancer, is the opposite, as the carefree party girl. Niji also features a backup dancer named Yashimita.

For more information, the Niji Dancers invite you to view their website at They were created in June 2009, and their very first official performance was at the Shinbokucon Fundraising Dance in the same same year. Niji would like to thank the staff of Shinbokucon for inviting them back to perform at the convention!

Shinboku-con will take place on April 16-18, 2010. More details on the convention are available at the official website