Press Releases

November 18, 2010

News for Bishie Con 2010:

Bishie Con announces new guests and events

Bishie Con, the Midwest's yaoi and slash convention, has announced its guests for 2010 as well as some unique new events.

The three-day celebration of male/male romance will feature romance publishers Dreamspinner Press, artist Amelie Belcher, and comedian Warky T. Chocobo who will be performing his signature yaoi Christmas carols.

In addition to returning events such as The Yaoi Newlywed Game, the Bishounen Date Auction, and our annual themed Host Party, Bishie Con is adding new events to tickle your yaoi fancy. The Loveless After Dark Social Ball, hosted by cosplay group Silver Aura of Dawn, features ballroom music and a "leather and lace" theme. The Y-lympics will challenge attendees to yaoi-themed Olympic-style games. Russia's Birthday Party will celebrate everyone's favorite Hetalia charac - I mean, country - with games and events featuring Russian culture. Several tea parties with themes such as vampires, Star Trek, Kuroshitsuji, and Christmas will make sure everyone gets a sugar and caffeine fix. With 30 main events and over 30 panels, Bishie Con is a weekend jam-packed with good yaoi cheer.

Bishie Con 2011 is December 11-13 in St. Louis, Missouri. Find out more at!