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October 6, 2011

News for Pacific Media Expo 2011:

Pacific Media Expo 2011 welcomes manga guest of honor Suzumi Atsushi

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Pacific Media Expo (PMX) is proud to announce the 2011 Manga Artist Guest of Honor, Suzumi Atsushi.

Born in Ehime, Japan, Ms. Atsushi is best known in the US for her works Venus Versus Virus (which was adapted into an anime), Haridama Magic Cram School and Amefurashi: The Rain Goddess. She is currently working on TOKYO RAVENS with Kohei Azano and Uruwashi Kaitou Alice (A lovely phantom thief, Alice) with Romeo Tanaka. Ms. Atsushi's various works fall into a wide range of categories from supernatural (Bloody Little Circus) to comedic (Nightmare Go Round) to historical (Yoru Naku Suzume).

Ms. Atsushi proves to be every bit as colorful as her art and stories. According to an excerpt of Haridama: Magic Cram School Volume 1, Ms. Atsushi is reported to like:

"Pictures, music, clothes, hats, walking, and the charming sights of the four seasons. Profiles. One-piece dresses. Winter -- She loves putting her scarf on! Cats. Glasses (black-rimmed ones are the best!). Dandy middle-aged men and old men characters. Live music (punk, rock, etc.). Cafe Ole. Cute packaging and make-up. Elegant cafes and coffee houses."

Ms. Atsushi is scheduled to have a focus panel and autograph session during PMX 2011.

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