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July 28, 2005

News for MechaCon 2005:

MechaCon to premiere Transformers: The Movie - Reconstructed

MechaCon announced Wednesday that it will screen "Transformers: The Movie - Reconstructed" during its inaugural convention in Lafayette, Louisiana. Metrodome Distribution and TV-Loonland have granted MechaCon the opportunity to make this screening the WORLD PREMIERE of this newly re-constructed version of the film.

MechaCon is a Transformers friendly Anime convention. It will feature Tiffany Grant, Alec Willows, Doug Smith, and Joshua Seth as the guests of honor. The convention will be held on August 27-28 at the Lafayette Hilton and Towers.

"Transformers The Movie - Reconstructed" is a brand new telecine, providing a 16:9 widesceen anamorphic version of the film, literally re-constructed from the original picture negative.

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Anyone wishing to attend this screening may do so. MechaCon convention registration passes are still available through the website at