Press Releases

October 10, 2006

News for Armageddicon 2007:

Anime Punch changes hotels

Convention moves to a larger location.

Columbus, OH - October 9, 2006 - Anime Punch is pleased to announce that they have moved from the previously announced Radisson Inn Worthington to the Columbus Airport Marriott.

This decision was the product of a number of factors including concerns about being over crowded, not having enough available hotel rooms, and permissiveness towards the atmosphere the convention prides itself on being able to create. The new location has the added advantage of having the same floor plan as the 2006 location, which was generally agreed upon to be highly conducive to the convention atmosphere.

Anime Punch hopes that there will be little confusion and is excited to be moving to such a great new location.

ABOUT ANIME PUNCH: Anime Punch is a third year convention in the Columbus, Ohio area hosted by the Ohio State anime club. AP prides itself on providing unique programming to the table each year, as well as having diverse programming that focus on anime specifically, rather than on Japanese pop culture in general. AP also takes advantage of its university connections to bring in a number of esteemed professors to give lectures, while at the same time aiming many of their events at the college age crowd, leading to a mix of academia and degeneration.

Anime Punch: Armageddicon II
March 30 - April 1 2007
Columbus, Ohio