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March 27, 2007

News for Sogen Con 2007:

Anime guests and new events announced for Sogen Con

Sioux Falls South Dakota (March 25, 2007) - Sogen Con, would like to announce the following:


Sogen Con is pleased to announce its move to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Sogen Con 2007 will be held October 5th thru October 7th, 2007 at the Sioux Falls convention center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


Cosplay at Sogen Con 2007 will award cash prizes to the top three participants. Award values at $150 for Best in Show, $100 for second and $50 for third respectively.

The band Eyeshine will be performing Saturday night .

DJ Greg Ayres will perform at a dance on Saturday.

The Game will continue as in previous years.

A New and improved LARP is currently in development.

GUESTS - Sogen Con is excited to announce the following additions to the guest list:

Wendee Lee- Sogen Con is proud to welcome Wendee Lee. Wendee Lee is a veteran of the Anime industry who has worked in many capacities including Voice Actor, Director and Script Adaptation. Her credits include Haruhi Suzumiya in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Faye in Cowboy Bebop, Miho in Witch Hunter Robin, Twilight Suzuka in Outlaw Star, and Yui in Fushigi Yuugi. She has also directed for Bleach, Grenadier, Love Hina and Outlaw Star. She has provided script adaptation for Wild Arms, Stellvia and many more.

Crispin Freeman - Crispin Freeman has held many roles in anime voice acting, production and video game voice acting. He has provided the voice for Kyon in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Zelgadis in Slayers, Alucard in Hellsing, Itachi in Naruto, Holland in Eureka 7 and many more. He provided Script Adaptation for Boogiepop Phantom, His and Her Circumstances, and Witch Hunter Robin. He directed Scrapped Princess, Strawberry Eggs, and Space Travelers. He has also provided voiceover for several video game projects.

Tiffany Grant - Tiffany has voiced some of the most memorable characters in all of anime such as Maki in Burn-up and Burn-up W, Satella Harvenheit in Chrono Crusade, Charlotte in Kaleido Star, Ryoko Subaru in Nadesico, Daiko Hayami of Cutey Honey, Altena in Noir, Yoko Tokashiki in Princess Nine, Jun in Sol Bianca, and of course Asuka Langley Sohryu in Neon Genesis Evangelion. While the list may seem long, it's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the massive talent that Tiffany brings with her everywhere she goes.

Michael Coleman - Michael has worked in a variety of roles including parts in Ranma 1/2, Dragon Ball Z, Infinite Ryvius, Hamtaro and Zoids.

Chris Ayres - Christopher Ayres has been working professionally in theatre, television and film since the age of 6. He currently works as a voice actor for ADV FILMS and FUNimation ENTERTAINMENT, and has recently started working as an A.D.R. Director for ADV FILMS. His first project for the studio is the hit anime musical comedy THE NERIMA DAIKON BROTHERS. Some of the roles as a voice actor Chris is best known for are Kei Kourono in Gantz, Suitengu in Speed Grapher, Yaminami in Peacemaker, Akimoto in Sakura Diaries, Kenji Kurata in Diamond Daydreams, Oshodani in Pappuwa, and Jimpachi Arishiama in Nanka 6/17. Chris is also one of the anime industry voice actors who sing on Voices for Peace. He is very proud to be a part of the "Voices For..." organization. Chris also works as a professional fight director and has enjoyed bringing his workshop "Mock Combat for Cosplay" to many conventions. You can learn more about Chris by visiting his website

Greg Ayres - The manliest pâtisserie you will ever meet is on his way to Sogen Con. Greg Ayres returns once again to reprise his greatest role as Sogen Con Guest. If you have ever watched anime put out by ADV Films or FUNimation then you have most likely heard of Greg Ayres. You can hear him in series like Chrono Crusade where he voices Chrono, Saiyuki where he is Goku, in Mahou Sensei Negima you can hear him as Negi, or in Burst Angel as Kyohei. Not only can you find Greg's voice in a huge amount of roles across a multitude of ADV and FUNimation titles, he attends a mind boggling amount of conventions. Find out what Greg is doing next by coming out to Sogen Con in 2007!

Kyle Herbert - Kyle is an LA-based voice actor, who can be heard as Captain Aizen in Bleach, Kiba in the Cartoon Network smash hit, Naruto. He is best known as the voice of teen Gohan and the Narrator from Dragonball Z. Other notable roles include Falman (Fullmetal Alchemist), Karasu (Yu Yu Hakusho), and Hanayama (Baki the Grappler). He also hosts a podcast dedicated to news on all things geeky, called "The Big Bald Broadcast" (

Johnny Bosch - Johnny Bosch, has voiced a multitude of roles in video games such as Grandia 3 where he voiced Yuki, Kuhn in .hack//GU, and also had roles in Final Fantasy 7: Dirge of Cerberus, and Valkyrie Profile 2:Silmeria. Videogames isn't all this man does. He has also had roles in many of your favorite anime series, such as Itsuki, in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Ichigo in Bleach, Renton in Eureka Seven, Kouta in Stellvia, Claus in Last Exile, Kiba in Wolfs Rain, and Vash the Stampede in Trigun.

Studio O.N.Y.
Studio O.N.Y. is the creative force behind the web comic Otaku ­no- Yen, (Geeks Without Money). They are involved in creating Manga-style comics and doujinshi as a husband/wife team. To find out more about O.N.Y. Studios, visit the Otaku ­no-Yen website at or the main studio site at


Sogen Con is proud to announce that pre-registration will be opening on Wednesday March 28, 2007. Printable mail-in forms will be available, as well as Online Registration. Hotel Reservations for the convention room block will also be available online.


Sogen Con is entering into its third year of operation and is being held October 5-7, 2007 at the Sioux Falls Convention Center in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Sogen Con is sponsored by the non-profit group Otaku Incorporated.