Information on New York Anime Festival 2007

New York Anime Festival

December 7-9, 2007
Jacob K. Javits Center

Organized by ReedPOP

15,000 warm bodies (estimated)

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Overall Rating: 3.2 stars (based on less than ten member ratings)

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Yoshi Amao (Actor / Swordsman)
Juno Blair B. (Web Comic Artist, Star Cross'd Destiny)
Svetlana Chmakova (Artist / Author)
Colleen Clinkenbeard (Voice Actress / Director / Line Producer)
Justin Cook (ADR Director / Voice Actor, FUNimation Productions)
Abby Denson (Artist)
Disorganization XIII (Comedians / Panelists)
Omar Dogan (Artist, Udon Entertainment)
Elena Dorfman (Photographer)
Josh Elder (Manga Artist)
Peter Fernandez (Voice Actor / Writer / Director)
GeekNights (Podcasters)
happyfunsmile (Band)
Chris Hazelton (Web Comic Creator, Celestial Filing Depot LLC)
Lindsey Henninger (Artist)
Joanne Izbicki (Professor of East Asian History, Ithaca College)
David Kalat (Historian, All Day Entertainment)
Yasuhiro Koshi (Actor / Advisor, Big Fighter Project)
Rachael Lillis (Voice Actress)
Patrick Macias (Editor in Chief, Otaku USA)
Mike McFarland (Voice Actor / Director / Line Producer)
Jamie McGonnigal (Voice Actor)
Joe Ng (Artist, Udon Entertainment)
Corinne Orr (Voice Actress)
Lisa Ortiz (Voice Actress)
Katsushi Ota (Editor)
Sean Schemmel (Voice Actor)
Kobun Shizuno (Director)
Mike Sinterniklaas (Director / Actor / Writer / Producer, NYAV Post)
Aimee Major Steinberger (Animator / Layout Artist)
Sonny Strait (Voice Actor / Director / Illustrator)
Timothy Sullivan (Sake Enthusiast)
Veronica Taylor (Voice Actress)
Michael "Mookie" Terracciano (Web Comic Artist, Dominic Deegan)
Uncle Yo (Comedian)
Unicorn Table (Band, TenBu Productions)
Aurelio Voltaire (Artist / Actor / Musician)
Tom Wayland (ADR Director, TripWire Productions)
38 guests listed

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Press Releases and News:

Apr 02, 2007 - New York Anime Festival to be launched in December
Jun 21, 2007 - New York Anime Festival reveals first guests on new web site
Jul 17, 2007 - Catblue Dynamite to premiere at New York Anime Festival
Jul 31, 2007 - New York Anime Festival welcomes Kobun Shizuno and Aimee Major Steinberger
Aug 10, 2007 - New York Anime Festival announces musical guests
Aug 24, 2007 - New York Anime Festival announces contests
Sep 24, 2007 - Webcomic, artist, and podcast guests announced at NYAF
Oct 03, 2007 - World Cosplay Summit partners with New York Anime Festival
Oct 23, 2007 - ICv2 announces conference on anime and manga at New York Anime Festival
Nov 02, 2007 - NY Anime Festival announces premieres and previews
Nov 15, 2007 - New York Anime Festival announces voice actor contest
Dec 03, 2007 - NYAF announces video game tournaments


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