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Anime Matsuri

April 6-8, 2012
The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center

Anime Matsuri focuses on the promotion of anime and Japanese culture and its related industries in a fun event for the entire family.

Anime Matsuri also serves as a meeting place for members of the industry to connect with the fans and gather feedback on their products and services.
For the three day weekend, Anime Matsuri creates an atmosphere for talented artists, business leaders, ambitious students and many more who come together to express creative ideas and find solutions to industry questions. But most importantly, we host Anime Matsuri because we are passionate about the amazing world of Japanese culture. YES we love it!

10,422 warm bodies

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Overall Rating: 3.7 stars (based on less than ten member ratings)

Advance Rates:
$35 through May 31, 2011
$40 through Sep 20, 2011
$45 through Mar 1, 2012

At-Door Rates:
All 3 days: $60
Fri: $40
Sat: $45
Sun: $35

Airship Isabella (Steampunk Costumers)
Troy Baker (Voice Actor)
Clint Bickham (ADR Scriptwriter / Voice Actor)
Luci Christian (Voice Actress)
Maile Flanagan (Voice Actress)
Flow (Band)
Kathryn "Rynn" Griffin (Cosplayer)
Yaya Han (Cosplayer)
DJ HeavyGrinder (Disc Jockey)
Akinori Isobe (Founder, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright)
Masumi Kano (Designer, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright)
Cyril Lumboy (Fashion Designer, dolldelight)
Mike McFarland (Voice Actor / Director / Line Producer)
Matthew Mercer (Voice Actor)
Vic Mignogna (Voice Actor)
Amy Reeder (Artist)
Sleeping Samurai (Foam Weapons Battle Arena)
Strong Machine 2 (Dancer)
Alexis Tipton (Voice Actress, Funimation Entertainment)
Shinichi Watanabe (Director)
Bill Winans (Armor Maker)
Stephanie Young (Voice Actress)

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Anime Matsuri

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