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January 10-11, 2014
Gloucester County College

The Theme for KotoriCon 2014 will be FANTASY! Wizards, hobbits, princesses and their ponies are welcome along with our ususal cohorts of copalyesr from anime, Doctor Who, Homestuck, Star Wars and more! Kotori is cosplaying as a Phoenix and a Dragon this year! ALL TICKETS MUST BE PURCHSED ONLINE. NO TICKETS ARE AVAILBLE AT THE DOOR in 2014. 1,200 TICKETS WILL GO ON SALE STARTING JULY 1. KotoriCon is an anime convention, with panels, performances, dealers, artists, Charity Auction, and more to be held Friday January 10 - Saturday January 11, 2014. The theme this year is "fantasy". This anime con is organized by a campus club of student volunteers who want to encourage sharing in Japanese culture. We are the "little anime con with a big heart". Proceeds from KotoriCon are given to charities.

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Advance Rates:
$25 through Dec 1; $30 through Jan 11

At-Door Rates:

+2 Comedy (Stand Up Comedians)
501st Legion (Star Wars Costumers)
The Asterplace (Band, Bright Stone Records)
The Audio Pool (Band)
Daniel Coglan (Martial Arts Expert)
Jillian Coglan (Martial Arts Expert)
Gavin Goszka (Musician)
CJ Henderson (Author)
Greg Houser (Voice Actor) cancelled
The Hsu-nami (Band)
Michele Knotz (Voice Actress)
Jamie McGonnigal (Voice Actor)
Mega Ran (Musician)
Scott A. Melzer (Video Editor, NoN.D.E.)
Bill Rogers (Voice Actor)
Ian Rubin (Comedian, UProv Comedy)
Sneko (Singer)
Sonny Strait (Voice Actor / Director / Illustrator)
Uncle Yo (Comedian)
Uzuhi (Band)

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