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January 24-26, 2014
Palais des congrès de Gatineau
Gatineau, QC

G-Anime is, by far, the best anime convention in the Ottawa-Gatineau area. Since it was founded in 2009, we have multiplied our efforts over the years to satisfy otaku of all ages and interests through a wide variety of programming, including media guests, panels, workshops, activities, and special events.

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Advance Rates:
$40 through Dec 31

At-Door Rates:
$50 weekend; $30 Fri; $40 Sat; $45 Sun

The 404s (Improv Comedy Group)
Jean-François Bibeau (Cosplayer)
Marie Bilodeau (Author)
Thierry Bourdon
Yves Bourgelas (Artist)
Hubert Corriveau (Video Game Creator, Eidos Montreal)
Frederick Dalpé (Cosplayer)
Raphael Desruisseaux (Cosplayer)
Hoshi*Furu (Band)
L'orchestre de Jeux Vidéo (Orchestra)
Michaël Larouche (Hacker)
Julien Mathern (Webmaster / Convention Staff, Operation Manga / Cape & Kimono)
Stephanie Medeiros (Lolita Costumer)
Charles Mohapel (Photographer)
Fréderic Molas (Podcaster, Joueur du Grenier)
Jay Odjick (Comic Book Writer / Artist)
Laurence Perreault (Lolita Costumer)
Press Start 2 Play (Band)
Sébastien Rassiat (Podcaster, Joueur du Grenier)
Testeur Alpha (Internet Show)
Christine Turcotte (Japanese Fashion Fan)
Elise Vézina-Easey (Artist)

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