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October 30 - November 1, 2015
John Ascuaga's Nugget Casino Resort

As of 2015, SNAFU Con is moving to the John Ascuaga's Nugget in Sparks.

The Grand Sierra Resort and Casino was a wonderful venue which we will miss. A new VP created policies which modified the space requirements for events; our convention space would have been cut in half under the new rules. We do not have enough hotel room bookings to be able to negotiate for the space we need with the new requirements.

In order to bring you the best convention we can, we were forced to look at alternative venues. We did this after careful thought and planning - it was not a light decision. We visited all the venues in the area which had the space we needed and could work with some of our very different requirements, the main one being a 24-hour space. After a lot of footwork and meetings, Nathan brought all the options to our department heads for review.

The JA Nugget was almost too easy of a decision. They had the space we needed, cheaper hotel rooms, and were willing to work with our needs. We are extremely pleased with the JA Nugget and we are excited with the possibilities they provide us for the future of the convention.

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Advance Rates:
$30 through May 22, 2015
$35 through Sep 26, 2015
$40 through Oct 29, 2015

At-Door Rates:
All 3 days: $40
Fri: $20
Sat: $20
Sun: $20

Marissa Ames (Author)
Preston Cowley (Voice Actor, DragonFleet Studios / 3G Studios)
Christopher Escalante (Composer / Voice Actor, Escalante Music)
Daryl Frazetti, PhD (Anthropologist)
Robbie Lunt (Arcanologist / Poet / Author)
Danielle McRae (Voice Actress)
Steve "Warky" Nunez (Voice Actor / Pianist / Comedian, DragonFleet Studios)
Team Seven Cosplay (Cosplayers)
Kiba Walker (Voice Actor / Musician)
Elwin G. Williams III (Musician)

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