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July 15-17, 2005
Connecticut Convention Center

ConnectiCon is a multi-genre convention with three main genres - anime, gaming and web comics. ConnectiCon provides over 2,000 hours of programming and runs events 24 hours a day beginning at 8am on Friday and ending at 6pm on Sunday!

2,800 warm bodies (estimated)

Attendees View 12 users in attendance

Overall Rating: 3.3 stars (based on less than ten member ratings)

Advance Rates:
$30 by May 1; $40 by June 25

At-Door Rates:
$50 weekend; $25 Friday or Saturday; $20 Sunday

Rob Balder (Web Comic Creator / Musician, Erfworld)
Steve Bennett (Co-Founder, Studio Ironcat)
Melissa Benson (Artist, Ranting Centaur Studios)
Ryan Borella (Web Comic Artist, Ded End / Thick Pie)
Matt Boyd (Webcomic Writer, Mac Hall)
Tim Buckley (Web Comic Artist, Ctrl+Alt+Del)
Joseph Callaway (Sculptor)
Brian Carroll (Web Comic Artist, Instant Classic)
David Cheung (Web Comic Artist, Chugworth)
Brian Clevinger (Web Comic Artist, 8-Bit Theater)
Mike Connor (Web Comic Artist, Noobity Comics)
Lisa Copeland (Web Comic Artist, And Then You Die)
Rich Dachtera (Web Comic Artist, Surliness)
Arthur Daniel (Hypnotist)
Mikhael Frazier (Web Comic Artist, And Then You Die)
Freezepop (Band)
Matt Genier (Web Comic Artist, Dominion) cancelled
Michael Gluck (Pianist)
Garth Graham (Web Comic Artist, Comedity)
Tiffany Grant (Voice Actor / Writer)
Liz Groenveld (Web Comic Artist, Stuff Sucks)
Rusty Haller (Artist)
Shawn Handyside (Editor / Artist, HALOLZ / Staccato)
Mohammad "Hawk" Haque (Artist, Applegeeks)
Daniel Kevin Harrison (Voice Actor)
Woody Hearn (Artist, GUComics)
Anne Hoffer (Web Comic Artist, All Roses Have Thorns)
Elliott Hoffman (Web Comic Artist, Spelling the Vaccuum) cancelled
Chris Impink (Web Comic Artist, Fragile Gravity)
Chris "CJ" Johnston (Senior Editor, Newtype USA)
Jamal Joseph, Jr. (Web Comic Writer, Chugworth)
Andre Keuck (Editor, Noobity Comics)
Larom Lancaster (Web Comic Creator, Comedity)
Dave Lister (Producer, Studio Nasu)
Andrei Lukianoff (Artist)
Ian McConville (Web Comic Artist / Game Developer, Mac Hall Productions)
Virginia G. McMorrow (Author, Archebooks Publishing)
Medicant Downline (Band)
Michael Moore (Web Comic Artist, Nakama Comics)
Don Morrone (Web Comic Writer, And Then You Die)
Novablade Studios (Illustrators)
Yuko "Aido" Ota (Web Comic Artist, Fallen / Johnny Wander)
Ananth Panagariya (Writer, Applegeeks)
Mario Panighetti (Web Comic Artist, The Orange Belt)
Michael Patrick (Writer / Editor)
Chris Patton (Voice Actor) cancelled
Chad WM Porter (Web Comic Artist, Least I Could Do)
Q-Tip (Web Comic Artist, 1337pixelz) cancelled
David Quintana (Writer / Illustrator, StoneWater Productions)
Scott Ramsoomair (Web Comic Artist, VG Cats)
Tim Sanford (Web Comic Artist, Nakama Comics)
Lianne Sentar (Writer)
Louis Small, Jr. (Comic Artist)
Anson Smith (Web Comic Writer, Daze in a Haze)
Ryan Sohmer (Web Comic Writer, Least I Could Do)
Aaron Stewart (Web Comic Artist, Nakama Comics)
Michael "Mookie" Terracciano (Web Comic Artist, Dominic Deegan)
Shawnti Therrien (Artist, Myrr By Design)
Cait Truesdale (Web Comic Writer, All Roses Have Thorns)
Shawn Ullom (Web Comic Writer, Nakama Comics)
Tabitha Vocque (Comic Artist, Crystal Litter Box Studios)
Mark Voisine (Web Comic Artist, WolfBoy Comics)
David L. Williams (Industry Representative, Sentai Filmworks)
63 guests listed

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Press Releases and News:

Jul 19, 2005 - Web comics and attendees band together to save ConnectiCon
Jul 27, 2005 - Drive to save ConnectiCon reaches its goal


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