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Comic Convention

October 20-22, 2017
DeVos Place

Grand Rapids Comic-Con is a comic book and popular arts conventionl. This show will feature an expanded vending room selling comic books, anime/manga, movie memorabilia, action figures, toys, and other cool stuff. We have several nationally renown comic book artists and/or creators who have worked for the likes of DC Comics, Marvel Comics, or some other national publisher who have name recognition within the comic collector community; an "Artist Alley" featuring a selection of independent comic artists representing the best from the Midwest; an larger video and board gaming room; a film festival that will feature short and full length movies from the independent film world sponsored in-name only by the Compass College Of The Cinematic Arts; exhibition rooms that will feature a wide array of events including a costume contest, seminars and presentations from show guests, and other events unique to the popular arts world; anime/manga room; special afterparties; and more.

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Tom Cook (Animator)
Jim Cummings (Voice Actor)
Harp Twins (Musicians)
Kane Hodder (Actor)
Christopher Jones (Artist)
Gates McFadden (Actress)
Mike McFarland (Voice Actor / Director / Line Producer)
Haruo Nakajima (Actor) guest passed away
Phil Ortiz (Animator)
Adrian Paul (Actor) cancelled
George Perez (Comic Artist / Writer) cancelled
Tara Sands (Voice Actress)
Kevin Sorbo (Actor)
Jim Steranko (Comic Artist)
SuperKayce (Cosplayer)
Catherine Sutherland (Actress)
Greg Weisman (Writer / Producer / Story Editor)
Billy Dee Williams (Actor)
Michael "Knightmage" Wilson (Cosplayer)
Mike Zeck (Artist)

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Grand Rapids Comic-Con

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