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Alex Milne

Dreamwave Productions
Toronto, ON Canada

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Graduating from Sheridan College, Milne debuted on the comics scene after being picked up by Dreamwave Productions to pencil their Transformers: Energon series. He would also work on Transformers Armada: More Than Meets the Eye, and the box art for the Alternators Jazz and Grimlock during his time there. After the collapse of Dreamwave, Milne was hired by UDON to work on Devil's Due Publishing's third G.I. Joe vs the Transformers comic. After its completion, Milne was hired by IDW Publishing to pencil and ink the official adaptation of the 2007 Transformers movie, released in June, 2007, a month before the release of the movie where he currently works today.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   TransformersCon 2005 - March 26 in Toronto, ON
   Cybercon Expo 2005 - July 29-30 in New York, NY
   TransformersCon 2006 - April 28-29 in Toronto, ON
   BotCon 2006 - September 28 - October 1 in Lexington, KY
   TransformersCon 2007 - April 28 in Toronto, ON
   Anime North 2007 - May 25-27 in Toronto, ON
   BotCon 2007 - June 29 - July 1 in Providence, RI
   BotCon 2008 - April 24-27 in Cincinnati, OH
   Anime North 2008 - May 23-25 in Toronto, ON
   TFcon Toronto 2008 - June 21 in Toronto, ON
   TFcon Toronto 2009 - April 25-26 in Toronto, ON
   BotCon 2009 - May 28-31 in Pasadena, CA
   TFcon Toronto 2010 - July 17-18 in Toronto, ON
   TFcon 2011 - July 30-31 in Mississauga, ON
   Auto Assembly 2013 - August 9-11 in Birmingham, UK
15 guest appearances

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