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Yuri Lowenthal

Voice Actor
Los Angeles, CA USA

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Yuri had an exotic childhood, growing up not only within the United States but also throughout Africa and Europe. After a brief stint with the Japanese government, Yuri turned to acting full time, and after several years in NYC, has recently relocated to LA. He has performed throughout the world and is also an internationally produced playwright. Since moving to LA, he has continued to work in film, television, theatre and voice-over.

Yuri is fluent in Japanese, French, and German and is trained in several martial arts including Wu Shu Kung Fu; he is an award winning Sumi-e painter and a published author. In addition to acting, Yuri has penned a novel called TOUGH CITY as part of the 72 hour novel writing contest, as well as a series of illustrated children's books and short stories and 6 feature screenplays.

Yuri's latest endeavor is a production company with his partner Tara Platt. Monkey Kingdom Productions just won a prestigious Award of Merit from the Accolade Film Festival for its first feature film, TUMBLING AFTER. He is the co-author of the new book Voice-Over Voice Actor: What It's Like Behind the Mic with Tara Platt; the book is published by Bug Bot Press and will be released under Emerald Book Co.

Yuri has also written and starred in the film FAITHFUL. Check out the PR page for the Film Threat Review for FAITHFUL, which garnered reviewer Stina Chyn's highest rating of 4 1/2 stars. To see the full review check out:



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Anime Vegas 2005 - October 28-30 in Las Vegas, NV
   Youmacon 2005 - November 11-13 in Troy, MI
   Ushicon 2006 - January 27-29 in Austin, TX
   Otakon 2006 - August 4-6 in Baltimore, MD
   CN Anime / Fan Expo Canada 2006 - September 1-3 in Toronto, ON
   London Movie Comic & Media Expo 2006 - October 28-29 in London, UK
   Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2007 - April 13-15 in Brisbane, QLD, Australia
   Armageddon Expo Wellington 2007 - April 21-22 in Wellington, New Zealand
   Anime Vegas 2007 - September 1-3 in Las Vegas, NV
   MikomiCon 2007 - September 7-9 in Northridge, CA
   Anime Matsuri 2008 - March 21-23 in The Woodlands, TX
   Otakon 2008 - August 8-10 in Baltimore, MD
   Anime Supercon 2008 - October 31 - November 2 in Miami, FL
   Phoenix Comicon 2009 - January 23-25 in Mesa, AZ
   New York Comic Con 2009 - February 6-8 in New York, NY
   Naruto Trek Convention 2009 - March 27-29 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
   Anime North 2009 - May 22-24 in Toronto, ON
   Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2009 - June 26-28 in Sydney, NSW, Australia
   Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2009 - July 3-5 in Claremont, WA, Australia
   Anime Vegas 2009 - September 5-7 in Las Vegas, NV
   Anime NebrasKon 2009 - November 6-8 in Omaha, NE
   Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2010 - April 9-11 in Brisbane, QLD, Australia
   Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2010 - April 16-18 in Melbourne, VIC, Australia
   London Movie Comic & Media Expo 2010 - May 29-30 in London, UK
   RT25 The Celebration 2010 - September 18 in Van Nuys, CA
   Middle Tennessee Anime Convention 2011 - April 22-24 in Nashville, TN
   Sac-Anime 2011 - September 2-4 in Sacramento, CA
   Otakuthon 2012 - August 3-5 in Montréal, QC
   Phoenix Comicon 2013 - May 23-26 in Phoenix, AZ
   Anime Evolution 2013 - June 28-30 in Vancouver, BC
   Anime Vegas 2013 - November 1-3 in Las Vegas, NV
   AlmaCon 2014 - February 7-9 in Alma, MI
   Anime Matsuri 2014 - March 14-16 in Houston, TX
   Supanova Pop Culture Expo - Sydney 2014 - June 13-15 in Sydney, NSW, Australia
   Supanova Pop Culture Expo - Perth 2014 - June 20-22 in Perth, WA, Australia
   AnimeFest 2014 - August 15-18 in Dallas, TX
   Sac-Anime 2014 - August 29-31 in Sacramento, CA
   Aki Con 2014 - October 31 - November 2 in Seattle, WA
   LVL Up Expo 2015 - May 30-31 in Las Vegas, NV
   Dragon Con 2015 - September 4-7 in Atlanta, GA
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