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Kent Williams

Voice Actor
Dallas, TX USA

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Kent Williams is a Texas-born, Dallas actor. He's logged 22 years of classroom instruction introducing K-12 students to such fine arts disciplines as marionette puppetry, stage stuntwork and Japanese kabuki theater and is finishing out a 3-year project with the U.S. Dept. of Education and Dallas ISD.

A Telly Award-winning puppeteer, Kent is Executive Director of Le Theatre de Marionette and pulls strings alongside fellow FUNimaniac Todd Haberkorn. On stage Kent is a company member of the critically acclaimed Undermain Theatre, best known for it's basement performing space and premiering of brave new works.

An SMU theater grad, Kent is a go-to fine arts instructor for Big Thought and Junior Players and has been teaching in the ghettos, barrios, exclusive parochial academies and prisons for over two decades and can boast that both Travis Willingham and Maxey Whitehead were former students as preteens!

Kent continues to enjoy the conveyor belt of character-voicing opportunities at FUNimation. A particular favorite is Hatori Sohma from Fruits Basket, also a dragon



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Tokyo In Tulsa 2009 - July 10-12 in Tulsa, OK
   Sakura-Con 2010 - April 2-4 in Seattle, WA
   Tokyo in Tulsa 2010 - June 18-20 in Tulsa, OK
   LouisiANIME 2010 - September 10-12 in Baton Rouge, LA
   Anime St. Louis 2011 - April 15-17 in Collinsville, IL
   AnimeWorld Chicago 2011 - August 19-21 in Chicago, IL
   KuroKiiro Festival 2011 - November 25-27 in Pittsburgh, PA
   LouisiANIME 2012 - May 18-20 in Lafayette, LA
   No Brand Con 2013 - April 12-14 in Eau Claire, WI
   AlmaCon 2015 - February 6-8 in Alma, MI

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