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Villa Rica, GA

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Solikha "Sonnie" Wright is a woman of many talents and best known as the creator of, the website that brings her varied artistic endeavors to the world. She entered the convention circuit in 2003 displaying her revolutionary cloth dolls in art shows. Since then her business and her art have expanded at a dizzying pace. She now produces an enormous amount of work including Lolita clothing accessories, plush sushi, character pillows, and emotive hackies (emota mochi) to name a few. Her unique style has delighted convention goers across the country.

Sonnie has appeared at conventions large and small as an artist, a dealer, a panelist, and a guest. Her art is always the focal point of any Artist Alley. She has run numerous memorable panels for conventions that bring fresh ideas and always leave the audience entertained. She offers a unique perspective that convention attendants seldom get to see of art, Asian life, and Asian music. Sonnie works hard to increase awareness of Independent Asian music in the United States and brings this knowledge to her presentations. She brings encouragement and guidance to new artists, helping them realize their own dreams through instructional panels and personal support. Finally, underlying all of Sonnie's work is a devotion to broadening the understanding of Asian culture and Asian life in America.

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