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Hardcore Artist GUHROOVY's specialty is Shibuya Hardcore Techno. he is the president of the record shop "GUHROOVY" that has stores in Shibuya and Harajuku.

GUHROOVY came to America in 1980 as a singer. He was motivated by the Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Hardcore that he heard in Los Angeles. After he returned to Japan, he became involved in the Japanese Hard Rock and Heavy Metal scene dominated by groups such as X JAPAN. In the 1990s, he once again got inspiration and then began his solo career as "GUHROOVY". He was featured in beatmania GOTTAMIX in 1998 and has since made several songs for Konami's music games such as: beatmania IIDX, pop'n music, and GuitarFreaks & DrumMania.

He and NO+CHIN are currently working together as the unit "Groove Rockers". He's also in charge of the band "ANIplugged", which performs unplugged versions of anime songs.

He started the shop "GUHROOVY" in the streets of Harajuku in 1995. It opened as Japan's first Mixtape/CD specialty store with connections with New York DJs. This year they will celebrate our 15th anniversary and continue to release Hardcore music.

GUHROOVY says "HARDCORE isn't a music genre, it's a lifestyle."

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