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Chris Moujaes

Herohelix, LLC
Dallas, TX

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Chris Moujaes is an anime producer, industry executive, character designer, and novelist. He's the founder of Studio Herohelix and creator of the "Flux Destiny" universe. His first book, "Flux Destiny: Fortuna's Rings" was released in December 2017.

Chris was the Head of Original Entertainment for Funimation Entertainment between 2009-2015 where he oversaw the studio's various film release labels. He joined Funimation in 2009 to start the department from scratch and supervise all aspects of the production process from story development all the way through post-production. Over many years with Funimation, Chris managed millions of dollars in motion picture development and production, oversaw the creative development of dozens of films, and served as executive producer of 8 original movies. His proudest moments at Funimation were serving as the Executive Producer of Mass Effect: Paragon Lost (nominated for an XBOX Video Award) and Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker anime movies based on the hit video games by BioWare.

Previously, Chris was also President of Boomstar Inc., an international animation services company specializing in video games and television, and Spoonbend Inc., a branding agency.

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