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We are Stellure, an original idol group! That means we are Idols like those you see in big franchises like Love Live!, Idolm@ster, BanG Dream!, etc. We do everything ourselves! Including composing and writing lyrics for our own new and original songs! We choreograph them ourselves, design and sew costumes made just for them, and even have our own original idol personas. We sing and dance to them in amazing performances together! Our group has 9 members, however, 4 of our members will be hosting a special live show at SaikouCon 2018! Mimi, the short, spunky, energetic and smiley leader of the group, Nix, the sporty, strong-voiced, cool and collected idol, Titania, the mysterious, witchy idol of the darkness, and Luna, the sweet, and shy, adorable idol.
Together, with their emotions and skills that they have developed with the rest of Stellure for the past year and a half, they will perform more than 10 of our original songs. There will even be a special halftime show featuring a new original group's debut, and some special guest idols!! If you'd like to know more about us, our social media is StellureIdols on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram!! Thank you everyone!

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