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Darius Hambleton

Darius Hambleton

Game Designer
Strange Machine Games
Baltimore, MD


Darius Hambleton has always been a lifelong fan of comics, anime, video games and board games. While Strange Machine Games was founded by co-owner Jeff Mechlinski in 2015, in late 2017 Darius joined forces to take Strange Machine Games to the next level. SMG aims to make the most dynamic and interesting Board Game and RPG products on the market, even if it means using strange machines to get there. Their first combined board game efforts were centered around a lifelong admiration for the Robotech Universe that they grew up with. In 2018 Strange Machine Games partnered with Harmony Gold and Japanime Games to publish the first 2 of 5 Robotech board and RPG games; Robotech: Attack on the SDF-1 and Robotech: Ace Pilot. Darius lives with his wife and 2 children in Baltimore, MD.

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