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I grew up watching Robotech and Transformers as a kid. When they went off the air, I discovered manga. I read manga through collage and stoped when I ran out of money. ^_^ I moved to the DC area when I graduated. I met a guy who showed me this show called Ranma 1/2 and I was hooked instantly again. 3 weeks later, Katsucon was held in the DC area and I went. I happened to walk into a room and saw my first AMV. I thought to myself, ''These things are the coolest things ever. I wonder if someone has done 'Material Girl' to Nabiki in Ranma 1/2?'' I couldn't find the answer on the net, so I made a place where I could find the answer. Thus, the org was born.

I saw my first anime music video at Katsucon 6 and entered my first video at Katsucon 7. I've created two videos so far but I have planned out three more videos to be produced in the near future. I am also an avid Ranma cel collector. Check my home page for a viewing of my collection so far.

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