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CLOVER (aka. "Cherry") has been a jack-of-all-trades costumer, experienced performance artist, and committed community organizer in the industry for over a decade. She has delighted fans from coast to coast by sharing her enthusiasm for the convention community, fandom, the arts, and how they combine to allow fans to express themselves.

This Texan native has been designing, replicating costumes, and staffing conventions since a very young age, but made her first guest appearance in 2003 as host and panelist at Numa Rei No Con in Metairie, Louisiana. Along the way, she's spread her wealth of knowledge to like-minded artists through workshops, panels, and demonstrations and placed at multiple costume contests across the United States, including receiving Best of Show Runner-Up at Anime Expo.

From costume construction to theatrical performance, Clover has tried to make a difference in the community by being involved with many conventions and organizations over the years. She is sure to help you find the information you need to achieve your goals in costuming and take the time to help teach you about any subject you may need help with! Check out Clover at various panels and demonstrations alongside MechaCon's knowledgeable cosplay staff over the weekend and feel free to ask any questions your geeky heart desires!

As an organizer, Clover has fostered communities and participated in conventions across state lines, including Ani-Magic, Oklahoma Comic & Games Expo, and Oni-Con as its Vice President. She's also had an active role in charity and volunteer organizations, using conventions as a means to apply all the explosive energy of fans toward good causes.

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