October 22, 2007

News for TandokuCon 2007:

TandokuCon cancellation posted on PA Convention Center web site

The Pennsylvania Convention Center has posted on their web site that TandokuCon has been canceled. There have not been any updates related to this on TandokuCon's web site yet, but we will keep everyone posted if we hear any other news.

With a guest list unusually large for a first-year convention, an expensive convention center location, and several other questionable moves, anime fans have been suspicious about TandokuCon ever since it was announced. While many locals remained optimistic, most people were approaching the convention with caution.

Thanks to observant forum regular stardust462 for alerting us to this news.

Update 3:38pm EDT
We have seen a report that the convention center canceled the convention because the convention did not do "something" and that they are working together to get the convention going again. has attempted to contact TandokuCon staff, but has yet to receive a response. Expect more details to follow.

Update 6:40pm EDT
The cancellation notice has been removed from the convention center's web site. TandokuCon staff have still not responded to's inquiry nor has any explanation for this been posted on the TandokuCon web site.

Update Midnight EDT
TandokuCon has sent the following message:

Thank you all for your questions, issues, warnings and concerns. Due to an error, the PCC listed us as cancelled. I don't know when the cancellation notice was posted nor were we ever contacted by the PCC advising us of that. This was an error and rest assured we are still on! Please let your personal and forum(s) contacts know this was an error. We also will post a notice on the website.