Anime Power 2018 Information

Anime Power 2018

Anime Power 2018
April 5-6, 2018
Wuhan International Convention & Exhibition Center
Wuhan, China

Anime Convention

Anime Power is an exhibition organized by Zequn Culture Communication Co., Ltd., designed to become the most fun in the central region of the most comprehensive animation entertainment on the ground, and strive to create a symbol of Wuhan animation exhibition business card.

The first exhibition will be a collection of Cosplay, stage performances, wind street, Japanese artist, seiyuu meeting, colleagues creation, animation around as one of the grand animation feast.

Exhibition with animation exhibitions and live events, will attract a large number of animation enthusiasts gathered together. Domestic super-popular Meng Niang dance Jiulian Lulu, the network well-known song Ji Yao Yao Jiu Sang, Ura meow will present an audiovisual feast for the audience. Well-known card hand tour "diffuse million Arthur King" in the high popularity of the role of Nimi people, Japan's large hand artist refeia will be the fans live painting, exclusive secret to teach. In addition, the first Japanese astronomical airborne Wuhan: Japan's well-known sound Yusheng Tianmu Renmei will be in the field of classic role reproduction, and fans and intimate interaction. Luxury guests lineup, will inevitably attract a large animation consumer groups, so that the exhibition has become a good exhibition platform. Pan entertainment culture enterprises and the original author can be in this product display, sales, market development and other activities.

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