TouhouFest 2023 Information

TouhouFest 2023

TouhouFest 2023
April 29-30, 2023
Torrance Cultural Arts Center
Torrance, CA

Video Gaming Convention with Anime programming

Touhoufest - a Springtime festival where Gensokyo comes to life. Come to celebrate the coming season, to pay your respects to the spirits and gods, and marvel at the Youkai gathered round for celebration and merriment. Enjoy the festival yourself with joyous music, merry games, and delicious food, all on the Boundary of existence, along the backdrop of the beautiful Pine Wind Japanese Garden and the festival in the plaza. Come yonder from the human village while the Youkai are distracted with merriment, and enjoy all the wonders Gensokyo has to offer!

Registration Information

Advance Rates
$53.34 through December 31, 2022
At-Door Rates
$70: Both Days

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TouhouFest 2023  —  April 29-30, 2023

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