Lusaka Comic Con 2023 Information

Lusaka Comic Con 2023

Lusaka Comic Con 2023
October 14, 2023
Mulungushi International Conference Centre
Lusaka, Zambia

Video Gaming Convention with Anime, Comics, and Media programming

LsCon, also known as Lusaka Comic Con by Nerd Otaku, stands as a grand celebration, a vibrant gathering that cherishes and nurtures the extraordinary talents residing within our community. This community-driven convention not only entertains but also educates the general public, shedding light on local and urban art, technology advancements, and the immense pool of talented individuals within Zambia. By bringing together enthusiasts of comic books, anime, cosplay, video games, movies, and global pop culture, LsCon creates an immersive experience that celebrates the power and beauty of visual arts. It is an opportunity for artists, creators, gamers, and tech enthusiasts to unite, connect, and share their passion, fueling inspiration and promoting the remarkable work being done within the creative and technological spheres of the country.

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Advance Rates
K125 through July 31, 2023
K150 through October 5, 2023
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