Fieldcon 2013 Information

Fieldcon 2013

Fieldcon 2013
June 21-23, 2013
AEP ReCreation Lands
Morgan County, OH

Anime Convention

Organized by Anime Punch

Anime Punch continues to expand the concept of anime conventions by ascending to the next level by taking it outdoors. No sign of computers, no video games, no sound systems, and most importantly... no non-taku to be seen! Just otaku, trees, and the insanity and chaos you've been conditioned to expect from us!

Welcome to the world's first outdoor anime con, Fieldcon! As always, the forums hold to the AP spirit of allowing you to influence our convention, and we rely on you, the fans, to keep this concept as wicked cool in actuality as it is in its conception. The concept is simple, and if you can't figure it out then you're a dumbass and your opinions and thoughts are not valued by society. It's an all outdoor anime con, so bring a tent and a sleeping bag and leave your nontaku or wannabe otaku friends behind!

If you are under 18 but feel you can handle yourself appropriately, provide your own transportation, and do so without the presence of a parent or any other non-otaku, then email with your circumstances and we'll see about making an exception for you. This does not guarantee we will.

The events are subject to changes in schedule or content and some descriptions are rough at the moment, with more details to be provided as Fieldcon approaches, but you can be sure that it will totally kick ass!

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