NatsuCon 2015 Information

NatsuCon 2015

NatsuCon 2015
July 24-26, 2015
Gateway Center
Collinsville, IL

Anime Convention

What is NatsuCon anyway?

"Natsu" comes from Japanese word for Summer, and "Con"- well, "Con" is short for Convention. The two combine to form "NatsuCon" a summertime convention in Collinsville, IL.

During the summer various conventions are held around the country - and around the world; from Defcon to to Comic Con to Otakon� The only problem is, they're hours away!

The goal of NatsuCon is to provide the St. Louis area with an easily accessible convention packed with star-studded guests, entertaining live acts, talented artists, and - of course - lots and lots of pocky!

NatsuCon is an anime convention, meaning it will focus on Japanese animation, video games, manga comics, and Japanese traditions and culture. All attendees are allowed to and encouraged to dress up as their favorite characters, and will even have a chance at winning awards for best costumes in our Masquerade!

If you don't watch anime regularly, or don't get what it's about, or maybe even don't know what it is, you are still welcome to join us this year at NatsuCon! With your help we'll make this our best year yet!

Registration Information

Advance Rates
$31.74 through July 24, 2015
At-Door Rates
$40: All 3 Days

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