Hero Hype 2016 Information

Hero Hype 2016

Hero Hype 2016
March 26, 2016
Miami Airport Convention Center
Miami, FL

Comic Convention with Anime and Video Gaming programming

Organized by Hero Hype

Hero Hype is a multi-platform brand, we are a media source that covers events in the gaming & comic book industry, we have our own comic & anime convention, we have our own filming production, we make and design our own props and costumes.

We started in June 2013 as a small convention and currently continue to grow and expand rapidly in all that we do. All our work speaks for itself, our event(s), the props & costumes we create, the production and creativity we produce. Our goal is to give all our fans, friends and everyone a great time, to make and share memories during our event(s), Most of all for everyone and anyone that comes out/joins our team to have FUN!

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