Karoshi-con 2015 Information

Karoshi-con 2015
March 28, 2015
Northern Illinois University, Holmes Student Center
Dekalb, IL

Anime Convention

The Anime Association of NIU presents its annual Karoshi-Con, an anime convention held in the Holmes Student Center of Northern Illinois University. Our one day convention features a variety of attractions, aimed to entertain any and all attendees for the entire day, with no admission fee.

In 2010, Karoshi-Con made its debut on April 17th. It surpassed the AANIU's expectations, with over 175 attendees enjoying the various attractions the convention had to offer. Karoshi-Con 2010 featured a series of entertaining, hilarious, and informative panels, with 'Prove Me Wrong' leading the pack in fan favorites. The game room held three competitive tournaments; the 'Random Retro Tournament' drew the most competitors, with the winner receiving a GameStop gift card. The Viewing Rooms showed a large number of anime series, including the Steampunk-styled Last Exile and the comedic Cat Girl Nuku Nuku. Karoshi-Con's Vendor Room was a central hub throughout the convention, hosting big name vendors such as Eagle Anime and Fast Food Anime, as well as independent creators such as Pixelites and Cutie Plush. As a staff, we worked hard to provide an enjoyable and welcoming convention, and we believe we accomplished that.

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