Geek.Kon 2017 Information

Geek.Kon 2017

Geek.Kon 2017
August 25-27, 2017
Madison Marriott West
Middleton, WI

Anime Convention with Gaming, Sci-Fi, and Video Gaming programming

As Madison, Wisconsin's convention for "all thing geek," Geek.Kon offers fans of many genres a fun, safe environment to enjoy, share, and indulge in their fandoms while learning about and participating in others easily.

Geek.Kon features large event spaces dedicated to gaming. Its 10,000 square foot video game room is filled with free-to-play arcade machines, a LAN area for PC gaming, and both modern and classic console systems. The tabletop room has space for both open gaming and demos for RPGs, CCGs, and board games. Tournaments for both video games and tabletop games are held throughout the weekend.

Every year, Geek.Kon brings in several guests, including authors, game designers, voice actors, comic artists, and musicians. They, and many attendees, provide panels related to TV shows, anime series, movies, books, gaming, and topics such as writing or larger issues that transcend genre. In addition, vendors and artists pack a 10,000 square foot exhibit hall selling merchandise, art and apparel.

Throughout the weekend, Geek.Kon holds several big events. The Masquerade is the state's only costuming contest recognized by the International Costumers Guild. Music events include The Mixer, a late-night high-energy dance featuring multiple DJs, a Masked Ball that raises money for a local charity, and the Rock Show, featuring live music from local bands.

Geek.Kon has several other unique events, including Kon.Quest (a series of puzzles and challenges that test your wits), the Iron Butt Challenge (a marathon of three horrible sci-fi movies, with a prize for anyone who sits through all of them), contests for music videos and fanfiction, and free screenings of hit movies, sci-fi shows and anime.

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Advance Rates
$25 through December 31, 2016
$30 through April 30, 2017
$35 through August 1, 2017
At-Door Rates
$45: All 3 Days

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