Tomodachi Fest 2017 Information

Tomodachi Fest 2017

Tomodachi Fest 2017
November 24-26, 2017
Wyndham Garden Boise Airport
Boise, ID

Anime Convention

Welcome back. Tomodachi Fest is returning for its 10th year and I want to talk very honestly about what you can expect.

Tomodachi Fest is being re-branded as "Idaho's social anime convention". You might be wondering why we are doing this and what it actually means.
Tomodachi Fest has an interesting dilemma. Idaho already has a much larger anime convention in Anime Oasis to meet the higher end needs of Idaho's anime fan base; however, Idaho also lacks a full calender of fun events for fans to attend. Thus, there is a need for Tomodachi Fest to exist, but it does not have to discharge the same purpose as Anime Oasis. Actually, it is quite impossible for Tomodachi Fest to discharge the same purpose as Anime Oasis and this has been the underlying trouble for the most recent years of Tomodachi Fest. As Anime Oasis grew, Tomodachi Fest seemed to have no choice but to try and keep up. This generated budget overruns, missed expectations and, eventually, instability at the highest levels. When I started Tomodachi Fest in 2008, this wasn't the case as Anime Oasis had hit its expansion era yet. During the 6 years that I was not directly involved this problem developed and was addressed inline with the plan of the leadership at that time. When I took back Tomodachi Fest before last year's event, I was determined to make whatever changes were required, even ceasing operation.

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At-Door Rates
$20: All 3 Days

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