TOTEMCon 2003 Information

TOTEMCon 2003

TOTEMCon 2003
October 4-5, 2003 Cancelled
Hampton Inn
Natick, MA

Media Convention with Anime and Toy programming

Celebrated annually in the New England area of the USA, TOTEMCon is the only convention of its kind, which makes for a totally unique experience that you'll find nowhere else. It allows fans and collectors from around the world to come together to celebrate and revel in the nostalgia, while at the same time experience all the new sensations that the world of art, animation, toys, and gaming have to offer for the future. The convention is basically two halves which focus on many different angles and topics centered around certain main themes.

Registration Information

Advance Rates
$30 through September 20, 2003
At-Door Rates
$40: Both Days
$30: Saturday
$30: Sunday

TOTEMCon 2003 Guests

Previous/Future Events

TOTEMCon 2003  —  October 4-5, 2003
TOTEMCon 2002  —  August 10-11, 2002
TOTEMCon 2001  —  July 15, 2001

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