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Patrick Delahanty

Senior Editor / Founder /
Bay Area, CA USA

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Patrick Delahanty is perhaps best known as the creator of, the largest source for anime convention information on the Internet. He is also a producer and host for the AnimeCons TV podcast. In addition to this, Patrick is the founder and host of The Chibi Project where he is responsible for conducting horrible experiments on anime toys for no good reason.

Patrick is big fan of conventions. He has attended over 100 of them and is one of the founders of both Anime Boston and Providence Anime Conference. He has hosted his popular improv event, Anime Unscripted, more than 40 times at over a dozen different conventions in two countries and four time zones.

In addition to his convention activities, Patrick is also the voice of the fighter pilots in the award-winning game Escape Velocity and its sequel, EV: Override.

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Convention Guest Appearances:
   Bakuretsu Con 2003 - May 9-11 in South Burlington, VT
   Bakuretsu Con 2004 - April 23-25 in South Burlington, VT
   Tsubasacon 2005 - November 25-27 in Charleston, WV
   Animaritime 2006 - February 24-26 in Sackville, NB
   ConnectiCon 2007 - July 13-15 in Hartford, CT
   ConnectiCon 2008 - August 1-3 in Hartford, CT
   San Japan 2008 - August 8-10 in San Antonio, TX
   ConnectiCon 2009 - July 31 - August 2 in Hartford, CT
   ConnectiCon 2010 - July 9-11 in Hartford, CT
   ConnectiCon 2011 - July 8-10 in Hartford, CT
   BAMCon 2012 - May 4-6 in Pittsfield, MA
   ConnectiCon 2012 - July 13-15 in Hartford, CT
   AnimeIowa 2012 - July 27-29 in Coralville, IA
   Bakuretsu Con 2012 - November 9-11 in Colchester, VT
   San Japan 2015 - July 31 - August 2 in San Antonio, TX
   Otakuthon 2015 - August 7-9 in Montréal, QC
16 guest appearances

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