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Marv Wolfman has been creating amazing characters for a generation. He is the co-creator of The New Teen Titans, including its characters Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Slade. He also created the ever-popular Blade: The Vampire Hunter, helping to break racial barriers in the comic-book industry at the time. With a powerful hero such as Blade, the stage was set for more heroes of color to appear in comic books. Marv's creation, Bullseye, can be seen in the film Daredevil. Some of Marv's other characters include Phantasm, Nova, Terrax, Black Cat, and Nightwing. Perhaps Marv's most-felt innovation in the world of comics is his re-invention of Lex Luthor. Prior to Marv, Lex was dull, wore prison clothes, and had hair. The version of Lex Luthor seen in Superman cartoons, Lois and Clark, and in Smallville all are thanks to Marv.

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