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Sam Vincent

Vancouver, BC, Canada


Sam Vincent's Birthday: October 5, 1971

Sam began acting in high school doing improv and stage plays.

Sam has been acting professionally since he was 15. He started out on TV series such as "Wiseguy" and "21 Jump Street". His first voice acting in animation was animation was"Moku" on the Anime series, "Dragon Warrior". Since then Sam has done many voices for characters including "Martin" and "Billy" on "Martin Mystery", "Athrun" on "Gundam Seed", "Baby Bugs", "Daffy" and "Tweety" on "Baby Looney Tunes", "Dexter" on "Hamtaro" and "Double D" on "Ed, Edd & Eddy".

Sam Vincent is married and has two children, and lives with his family in Vancouver, Canada. He plays the guitar, and likes reading, drawing, and collecting Action Figures.

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