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Mike Pondsmith

Game Designer
R. Talsorian Games

Appearing as a mild-mannered game designer, Mike Pondsmith is in reality a Time Lord from the Far Future, here to warn all of us of a reality involving Giant Robots, cyber-enhanced Boostergangers, and an Invasion of Teenagers From Outer Space. When not involved in his day job of Saving The Future of Humanity, he can also be found in the nearest gravel pit, digging up million year old dead things with waaaay too many teeth and claws. He calls this relaxation. Creator of Cyberpunk (1988), Mekton (1984), Castle Falkenstein (1994), and many other games, Mike's hand in the industry stretches back almost 40 years. He currently helms his publishing company R. Talsorian Games, alongside his family.

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