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Artbeat introduces their new style of Japanese American rock, a mixture of the sensitive melodies of Japanese rock and the emotional heaviness of American rock. Artbeat has been performing at various venues in Los Angeles as one of the few Japanese rock bands in the U.S. The energetic trio features the bilingual punk rock charisma Jack on vocals and guitar, along with the powerful rhythm section composed of the unstoppable Jet on bass and the tiniest giant Masato on drums. Artbeat also has been appearing at various anime and Japanese rock conventions and grabbing hundreds of fans' hearts in different areas of California. Their nonstop high-energy rock 'n roll circus is taking over the scene in Los Angeles with their unique bilingual blend of catchy melodies and high-speed rocking riffs. To survive the fast-paced international stream of today's world, don't hesitate to throw yourself into the beat created by the art of this bilingual punk rock trio. Revolution is just an Artbeat away!

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