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It all started when a small group of energetic con-goers got together at Tekkoshocon in 2005. Armed with nothing but a boombox, personality and a knack for excitement, they started creating mock "random battles." After getting shut down by security, these con-goers-now-turned-friends decided to venture to Cleveland's Colossalcon Convention 2005. With a continued lack of original programming between conventions, the group was at it again! By the end of CCC 05 they decided this was a joy they wanted to continue and formed under the name "Random Battle Gaming." After deciding the name, the leaders of the group (Core Members) set out to make the event more consistent and more staff and security friendly. They were invited to attend the Columbus based anime conventions Ohayocon 06 and Anime Punch 06. The response was great, each event session filling the room to max capacity, even when faced against Ohayocon's cosplay. With the group growing in popularity, the Core members decided to change the name to "Random Battle Group" and added the support groups of "Secondary" and "Staff" members.

The Random Battle Group now consists of enthusiastic and spontaneous gamers who encourage con-goers to participate with them in safe and supervised RPG-style mock battles and other events, including a live action gaming format (L.A.G. 06 - ala: World of Warcraft - Where the event is ran throughout the entire convention center with everything from story, quests and boss battles), as well as a Metal Gear Training Course ("Super Secret Box" performed at Tsubasacon 06). Music, stage combat, costumes, props and status effects of all kinds are joined on the battlefield to give everyone the chance to drop the controller and truly be the hero of their dreams.

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