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Darren J. Gendron

Web Comic Creator
Dernwerks Comics
Columbia, MD

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The dern of Dernwerks, Darren J. Gendron is a writer, artist and known scallywag. He's the writer of Hello With Cheese (www.HelloWithCheese.com) and The Expert's Guide (www.ExpertComic.com), and is the creator of Dear Pirate (www.DearPirate.com). He aspires to rule the world with an iron fist. Taught in the secret arts of luchadore warfare, Darren spends his free time training tigers to eat the entrails of his fallen rivals. He has been known to threaten violence towards others, if they fail to entertain him. He is entertained by pictures of kittens, vaudeville acts, and monkeys. He does not like clowns.

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