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Eurobeat Kasumi

Cosplay Photographer
San Francisco, CA

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Eurobeat Kasumi has been attending conventions for over 25 years. When he went to his first anime convention in 1992, he would just watch anime, attend panels, and buy merchandise in the Dealers' Room. As time passed conventions were getting larger and cosplayers started appearing slowly but steadily. It was in 1997 when he found his calling as a Cosplay Photographer. The enjoyment of taking pictures of cosplayers at conventions increased his passion for photography, anime, and conventions. Currently he attends over 15 conventions across the country each year, providing thousands of pictures per convention.

Known by most fans as "Eurobeat King" or "EBK", Eurobeat Kasumi's dedication to the cosplay community with his pictures and photo-shoots have influenced many to do their best for cosplay & photography.

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