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My pen name is Yayoi Neko, and I also have used the pen name Thundertori for my earlier work (such as Mangaphile seen in publishing's). I use a pen name to separate my explicit yaoi-work from my future mainstream projects that have a less severe rating under "R". For now though, I am using Yayoi Neko; "neko" meaning "cat" in Japanese, and "Yayoi" being a sexually ambiguous name like "Jesse" or "Sammy". My manga career was first established by the independent publishers Radio Comix, in thier now defunct anthology "mangaphile". My first stages of "Tobias" were planted there, and I plan to cultivate it into a series in the future. I was then intrigued by Radio's Yaoi Anthology "Dangerous" to try out a "Yaoi" story featuring a couple characters I'd made up in high school, Judas and Lenny from "INCUBUS". Later on, in Grad School, I worked with Antarctic Press and they published my first manga book of "INCUBUS" #1. Besides that, I also got to contribute some artwork/stories to their main titles of Gold Digger, and Ninja High School and Learn to Draw Manga. After "INCUBUS" #1 was done, I was ready to get the 2nd volume published, and this was picked up by Kitty media/Media Blasters (with much help from freind/associate, John). Since then, I have worked on INCUBUS up to #3, and am thinking of ending the yaoi series at maybe volume #6 or so. I have done a couple self-publishings such as "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and "Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson". And I am going to work on some selected chapters of classic literature to encourage the masses to read more books not on the best-sellers list >_<...I cannot explain why this is such a concern of mine, but I will see how the project proceeds in the future.

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